Scientists Grow Human Sperm in Lab

UK scientists say they have created the world’s first human sperm in the laboratory using stem cells derived from human embryos. The scientists used male embryos donated following IVF treatment. They will need at least five years to perfect the technique.

The researchers say that the aim behind their work is not procreation but rather to help men who are suffering from infertility problems to parent a child. However, they do not deny that using the science for such a purpose is within the bounds of possibility.

Some critics are calling the technique “immoral” and “madness” saying there is no excuse to take one life in order to possibly create another. Others ponder over the possibility that such a technique could possibly be used to replace men if scientists successfully create the sperm using female embryos. On the other hand, there are those who think this will eventually be beneficial to mankind and will be used to solve the problem of male infertility.


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