Does Imams/relegious teachers deserve more salary?

Muslim scholors working in mosques (Imam) and Madrassa teachers are getting low salary. They forced to leave their job and think of another profile. This pathetic situation in some countires caused to spread ignorance. Special reference is made to Kerala. In fact Ulema of Kerala decided to initiate Dawa college before ten years in the hope of making professional Dawa team, but things now made bad reflection. Once the student get B.A/M.A or other certificate he think of his own career rather than society, and begin in the search of a new career in any company.
Here I want to put some questions that needs serious re-thinking
1. Really, Imams and Mu’allims getting low salary ?
2. If Imam/Muallim is leaving his job because of low salary, is it justificable?
3. Is there any clause in Islamic Fiqh regarding this?


6 responses to “Does Imams/relegious teachers deserve more salary?

  1. really it is one of the biggest problem facing in the Muslim Ummah in Kerala. Real problem lies in the dealing of Committee that runs Mosques in Kerala, Allah knows the best.

  2. If the Fiqh of Islam asks that Imam should work with low payment then he may need to accept it.

  3. Yes, Imams are getting low salary. But it is the plight of the all religious priests, in Christian and Hindu Communities.
    What Imams gain is lower than that of priest of Christians. It is a bit more pathetic.

  4. Why you are so much anxious about them, they are getting in India 4000 to 5000 plus food and accomdation. ie equal to 8000-9000 as whole. This is same as any clerk/Officer get in offices in India.

  5. Mohammed Kasaragod

    I think all the religious (Masjid and Madrassa)workers are underpaid, they should be paid well. Otherwise due to circumstances they tend to do bid’a and other works which is not matching to their status.

  6. yes they are low paid and should increased the salary. no one giving monthly fee to madrass and no system adopted yet to collect atleast a normal fee on any basis. if the mahallu committee can take a positieve step in this regard , muallims and imam can obtain a reasonable salary from that fee itself.

    some of the mahallu committe were engaged in a discussion, how to avoid the imam / muallim who is oppose to their veiw .. sad..

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