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Markaz Student of Calicut wins Dubai Quran International award

Indian Wins Dh250,000 Quran Prize

Ahmed Shaaban 11 September 2009, DUBAI — Ibrahim Hafez Syed Ahmed from India clinched the top place and the Dh250,000 prize money in the 13th Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA), pushing Sudan’s Ismail Hagai and Nigerian AbdulMalik AbuBakar Ibrahim to second and third spots. Hagai won Dh200,000 for his efforts in the memorised recitals and Ibrahim bagged Dh150,000. The closing ceremony took place at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. During the ceremony, Islamic Personality of the Year Dr Murad Wilfried Hofmann and the top 10 of the 77 contestants (selected from an original list 85) Quran Awards competition were honoured. Certificates and cash prizes were given away to the other participants as well. Continue reading



When it is said that Islam is the religion of ‘nature’, or is a natural religion, it means that Islam suits human nature and can meet all its requirements. But what is human nature and how can the tenets of Islam satisfy it? We all know that man is a combination of body and soul (or spirit). The existence of man’s soul has now been scientifically proven, with evidences taken from experiences of telepathy, levitation, clairvoyance, and other ‘extra sensory perception’. Continue reading

Sufism (Tasawuff) is the Heart of Islam

The following quotations of the scholars of Shariah regarding the precedence of the knowledge and science of Tasawwuf, (Purification of the Self)

Imam Abu Hanifa (85 H. – 150 H) “If it were not for two years, I would have perished.” He said, “for two years I accompanied Sayyidina Ja’far as-Sadiq and I acquired the spiritual knowledge that made me a gnostic in the Way.” [Ad-Durr al-Mukhtar, vol 1. p. 43]

Imam Malik (95 H. – 179 H.) “whoever studies Jurisprudence (tafaqaha) and didn’t study Sufism [tasawwafa] will be corrupted; and whoever studied Sufism and didn’t study Jurisprudence will become a heretic; and whoever combined both will be reach the Truth.” [the scholar’Ali al-Adawi , vol. 2, p 195.) Continue reading

World Muslim Scholars’ contribution to environment

The two-day conference on Islam and the environment that was held in Istanbul, Turkey, between 6 and 7 July, 2009, concluded by declaring a Muslim seven-year-action plan on climate change. The plan was culminated by the establishment of MACCA, the Muslim Associations for Climate Change Action, which will act as an umbrella organization to monitoring the action plan and following up with its implementation.

The conference was attended by around 200 Muslim scholars, experts, and representatives of Islamic civil society organizations, as well as representatives of ministries of environment and Awqaf endowment of many Islamic countries, such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Indonesia, Senegal, Turkey…etc.. Continue reading

PM Manmohan on Ajmer Urs

Promote peace to live up to high ideals of Sufi saints: Manmohan

JAIPUR: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday called for promoting peace, tolerance and harmony in a world rife with conflict and discord, to live up to the high ideals of Sufi saints.

A velvet ‘chadar’ was offered on behalf of Dr. Singh at the historic dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer to mark the ongoing 797th Urs. Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Prithviraj Chavan laid the ‘chadar’ at the shrine along with wreaths and prayed for the welfare of people in the country. Continue reading

Had Michael-Jackson embraced Islam?

The death of the pop singer Mikaeel was the hottest news for recent days, even went to the exent of minimizing speed of some big websites.

But, unfortunately, his embracing of Islam didnt take much coverage.

Here I just share with you news of his embracing Islam:

The singer, who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, converted to Islam in a ceremony at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Muslim women wear veil, and Nuns too…!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken out strongly against the wearing of the burka by Muslim women in France.

In a major policy speech he said the burka – a garment covering women from head to toe – reduced them to servitude and undermined their dignity.

Mr Sarkozy also gave his backing to the establishment of a parliamentary commission to look at whether to ban the wearing of burkas in public.

Here, there are some facts we should keep in mind

  • He made big discrimination: Nuns of Christians and Burqa of Muslims. Actually both belong to the same fold of ‘degrading woman’, why he is silent about Nun’s dress and headscarf?
  • Recently, his wife displayed naked in a magazine and he was ‘angry’ towards it! Why he became angry as long as his wife has every right to come in to public as she desires, otherwise this will be the violation of freedom? Or did he feel angry because the veiled Muslim women are safe, secure, chaste while naked Christian women are exploited?
  • Prevalent belief is that Burqa is sacred symbol of Islam!  Is it right? It is true that Islam advocates the full covering of woman body in certain conditions.

Here, two things are worth understanding:

  • Islam does not order to cover her body at all time.
  • Islam does not make obligatory to wear certain kind of dress ie burqa

Some people compared Saudi Arabia and France, and argued that if Saudi bans woman from walking half-nude in street then France has right to ban her from walking full covered.

  • The question is: why do you compare Saudi, which is Islamic country, with France, which is west sponsored democratic country? Islam has its own political system which is democratic, liberal, and social as well as practical, and it would not promote current western democracy.
  • In India, there are so many customs and rituals practiced; some of them may be seemed irregular. But nobody blamed them as backwardness, violations and so on. Hindus put mark on the forehead or between the eyebrows, Sikhs wear turbans, Muslims wear Burqa, Christians bear the cross, but India is still the greatest and largest democracy in the world.